Welcome to Arrive – December Update

Hello, and welcome to Arrive.

This is our first chat and since we’ve taken over from Harcourts. So, I’m very pleased to welcome you.

It’s been a long journey for us to get here, we’ve had some challenging moments that I thought I’d share a couple of them with you. We have to move offices fairly, fairly quickly. So we faced a couple of challenges with data and building new computers, new team, but now we’re fairly happy and we got signage the other day, so that sort of makes it very, very real.

Some of the stories I’ve just like to share with you as to on our first hello is some of the human stories that we’ve experienced in the last month since we’ve taken over.

And I’ve been talking the two senior, my two beautiful senior property managers, Melissa and Jodie, and with the one I would like to share with you today is about maintenance.

Of course, we’ve scheduled a lot of routines though many of them were very, very far behind and so the girls are going out there and basically eyeballing the properties quickly as we can.

Some of the stories that have come of that are very sad and I think they’re worth sharing.

We’ve had maintenance that hasn’t been done for a couple of years, we’ve had people that are living with molds, we’ve had leaking roofs, we’ve had stairs that are falling down and we’ve got tenants that actually doing their own maintenance, no reflection upon the owners whatsoever.

I just think it wasn’t handled correctly, but on the brighter note, we had a tenant or resident the other day who basically was quiet, played the devil’s advocate saying that we weren’t going to get any maintenance done because they haven’t had any done for two years. And sure enough, we turned up and within twenty four hours we solved all of her problems that she had beginning, outstanding for the last two years. She was actually in tears on the phone, couldn’t believe it and I am gonna get her on a testimonial.

So, I guess a great applause to my team who, are just hanging in there, putting out lots and lots of files, but we’re rectifying everything and we’re putting it back together.

So, I look forward to working with you all and talk to you again soon.