Covid-19 Arrive ResponseKaren Herbert has an important message for our residents around the impact of COVID-19

In this turbulent times, we want to reach out to our residents to let you know that we are here. It is currently still business as usual here at Arrive.

We are uncertain about what the future looks like. We put measures in place to be able to manage your property effectively whether it be here or remotely.

To minimise the risks, we have cancelled all routine inspections until further notice. But we urge you to still let us know of any maintenance issues preferably via the tenant app.

We will continue to lease properties until such time when we are told we simply cannot. And of course, we’ve got sanitising methods in place to protect all parties concerned.

We understand that the pandemic brings with it a range of impacts on all of us, and we recognise that some of you may be financially impacted. If you are experiencing any difficulty in paying rent, we ask you to contact us to discuss support options that we have in place.

If you are, however, unfortunately affected and have lost your job, we ask you to go directly to the Australian government website where there are lots of information on how you can get financial assistance.

Of course, we are aware of the toilet paper situation, or the lack of it, and we do ask you to be very mindful and not flush anything down the toilet aside from toilet paper as this will have blockage issues.

And finally during this unprecedented time, we ask you to remember your neighbours, call your family members, and remember to be compassionate, and make sure everybody is okay. This will pass and we will prosper, and in the meantime, stay safe, everyone!


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