Our Top Tips For Autumn Gardening

human hand holding a soil with roots

Summer gardens are made in Autumn!

Autumn is the perfect time to assess your outdoor spaces and get your garden in shape for the rest of the year by ensuring your garden bed has enough nutrients and organic matter to take it through the cooler weather of the winter months and give you a bounty next spring.

These are times when you can work on your garden rather than just maintaining your garden.


Mulch, mulch, mulch

By getting busy mulching, your garden will be ready to fight off weeds and retain moisture, in turn helping the overall condition of the soil. Healthy plants start in the ground, so if your soil is healthy, your plants will be too!

Feed your plants

By placing a slow release fertiliser in your garden, your plants will be ready for the colder months. A healthy law going into winter will stay greener longer and have the tools to recover quicker coming out of winter.

feeding the plants

Plant fruit trees and flowering bulbs

New plants going into the soil at this time of the year have the best chance for good root growth and nothing says early spring like a burst of flowering fruit blossom. “Autumn is a brilliant time to plant citrus and bulbs. Plant them now and they will be established well for spring growth. The same goes for bulbs – plant them now and you’ll have a show-stopping garden in spring.”

This article is based on the article posted by Home Beautiful. See more great tips here: https://www.homebeautiful.com.au/autumn-gardening-tips?category=outdoor

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