Kenmore Hills: Acreage and Bushland Lifestyle

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Located 11 km south-west of central Brisbane, Kenmore Hills is a wonderful combination of acreage and bushland living with proximity to the major shopping precincts. If you’re not into pure suburban living offered by other outer Brisbane suburbs, Kenmore Hills is a great compromise.

It shouldn’t be confused with the nearby suburb of Kenmore. The area was originally formed as part of Brookfield, but its name was changed to Kenmore Hills, after Kenmore.


Total Population: 2576 (2016 Census)

  • Median Household Income ($/weekly): $2402
  • Median Age of Persons: 44
  • Average Household Size: 3

Property Statistics

  • Dwelling Type – Separate house: 92.5%
  • Homes fully owned: 41.8%
  • Being purchased through home loan mortgage – 41.5%
  • Rented – 13.7%
  • House median sale price – $1,062,500 (as of Dec 2020)
  • Median rent per week (House) – $650 (as of Dec 2020)

Kenmore Hills is highly recommended for:

  • Clean and green spaces
  • Parking
  • Parks and recreation
  • Dining options
  • Friendly neighbourhood

Most of the suburb is rural/residential, with the more developed areas situated south of Brookfield Road. The parks lie along Gap and Moggilll Creek.

Kenmore Hills offers a quiet, clean living, making it ideal for families with growing children. Tuckett Street is pleasant and green street with a friendly neighbourhood and connected to beautiful and safe parklands and walkways.


Being a rural area, Kenmore Hills doesn’t lack green spaces like parks where residents can enjoy various leisure activities. There are picnic areas, playgrounds, bikeways, and cricket area. Some of Kenmore Hills parks are:

Tuckett Street Kenmore Hills QLD

  • Advanx Park
  • Brookfield Road Park
  • Creekside Street Park
  • Deerhurst Road Park
  • Mirbella Street Park
  • Tuckett Street Park

Shopping and Restaurants

If you’re looking for a café, pub, take-away or restaurant, there are plenty of dining options in Kenmore Hills.

As for shops, nearby suburbs offer what residents need for everyday shopping.

  • Kenmore Tavern Plaza, a 5-minute drive via Brookfield Rd and Moggill Rd/State Route 33
  • Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, a 4-minute drive via Brookfield Road
  • For a more diverse shopping experience, there is Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, a 12-minute drive vua Moggill Rd/State Route 33. It has a Kmart, Coles, Woolworths, Target, Aldi and more.


Kenmore Hills has no school. The closest primary schools are:

  • Chapel Hill State School,
  • Kenmore State School and
  • Brookfield State School.

The closest secondary school is Kenmore State High School.


It is one of the western suburbs that lie between Mt. Cootha and the Brisbane River. From these suburbs, the CBD is easily accessible via the Centenary Highway or along Coronation Drive.

Kenmore Hills is accessible by bus and train.

These routes pass near Kenmore (Kenmore Hills): Bus 430, 432 and 444, and Rose/Ipswich and Springfield train stations.

Living in Kenmore Hills

Kenmore Hills is an excellent compromise for people who don’t want to live in a complete suburbia, as it offers a wide range of dining options and is close to major shopping complexes.

Houses are spaced decently with each other, but there remains a neighbourly vibe.
Residents are mostly older couples and families, established couples and families, and older independent people.

You can have peace and quiet with nearly all amenities right in your doorstep, living very close to the centre of the CBD.