Tenants And Property Managers: Cleaning Under The New Normal

By Arrive
Wednesday, 11 November 2020

With nothing but time, plenty of them, on our hands during this pandemic-imposed lockdown, we’ve got time to contemplate a lot of things – from the most profound to the most mundane.

You probably started thinking about things that you never get to do while busy with your normal life pre-pandemic. While sitting at your kitchen table you suddenly come to the conclusion that the stove, the microwave and the oven won’t clean itself. They will need to be scrubbed for you to be able to cook food without grossing yourself out, or worst giving yourself food poisoning.

The world has come at a standstill, or so we thought. But the reality is life goes on, though under the so-called “new normal.”

There’s nothing like being stuck within the four walls of your home to make you come to the realisation that the cleaning tasks that you have been able to successfully put off before Covid-19 arrived can no longer be ignored – because there’s not a lot of things you can do.

Dust and Dirt Are Magnified During Lockdown

Pre-pandemic, we have various things to distract us from the dust, dirt and clutter that accumulate throughout our home. It’s so easy to delay taking action because we’re never in our home most of the day anyway. But in lockdown, you have nowhere else to go and you will start to notice the mess and grime around your house seem to be getting grosser and grosser.

Cleaning Remains your Maintenance Responsibility

Even amid a pandemic, cleaning continues to serve the purpose of maintaining your home and appliances.

If you live near the beach, wash the outside of your house regularly to lessen the corroding impact of salt air. Your dishwasher is probably seeing so much action than normal, cleaning it gets rid of the disgusting food residues, keep it looking shiny and avoid the potential blockage that can lead to an expensive plumbing job.

Your Property Manager is Watching You

You can’t use the pandemic or the lockdown to procrastinate on your cleaning tasks, thinking you’re the only one who will see or suffer your grubby surroundings.

Property managers continue to do their job of looking after the properties assigned to them.

During this pandemic, you may refuse physical entry for inspections and other non-essential reasons. However, you cannot decline virtual inspections, if physical inspection cannot be conducted.

This means your property manager will continue to check your property to make sure you are abiding by your responsibilities with regards to the upkeep and maintenance of your rental property – and this includes keeping up with regular cleaning.

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Cleaning is never ending

Life has returned to roughly what it was once before pandemic in almost all of Australia, but cleaning is still never-ending. You’ll find out that this health crisis has not stopped cobwebs, dust and mould.

You’re probably back to your hectic life, but take time to look around your house. You will probably discover that dust has again accumulated on your display cabinet, your kitchen counters are a little dimmer, or your oven window is no longer see-thru.

Pandemic or not, cleaning is non-stop. You have to keep up with it not only to keep your landlord and property manager happy come inspection time, but to also keep you and your family protected against any health issues that may arise from dirty living conditions.

The task of cleaning of your home seems different during lockdown with all the new rules and restrictions. But it is basically just the same – it remains a regular thing.

The lockdown may have necessitated an easing up on some tenant and landlord obligations, but landlords/property managers can send a notice to leave for approved reasons, except rent arrears caused by financial distress due to the impact of COVID-19. One of those approved reasons is neglect of the property.

Australia is fortunate that we have somewhat defeated the virus, without any full-blown cases of infection and deaths among the population.

However, COVID-19 remains a threat and will continue to be so until an effective vaccine is developed, which is not expected to happen anytime soon. This means, the public health and safety protocols for the public and businesses will remain in place.

While certain adjustments and limitations have been put in place in response to the pandemic, tenants, landlords and property managers are expected to continue fulfilling their respective responsibilities. These include, among other things, doing your part as a tenant to make sure your home is clean, especially during this time of health crisis.

Karen Herbert

Article by Karen Herbert

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