Technology That Helps Renters Turn A House Into A Home

By Arrive
Thursday, 14 May 2020

As a renter, it can often feel as though you’re asking your landlord if you’re allowed to sneeze in your own home.

Rest assured, when you want to make modifications to your rental, you just need to ask!

However, if you still want to decorate and make your home comfortable without ruffling feathers, there’s some top technology on the market which will help you achieve your goals.

Hanging art

This is often a big one among renters. The landlord is most likely to give the go-ahead, you just need to ask.

However, if you’re concerned, there are ways around making holes in the wall. Using sticky hooks is one way and there has been a lot of advancement in the production of these throughout the years.

Command goes up to a 7.6kg holding weight, so those larger pieces of art can have a place in your household.

Just make sure that you clean the surface of the wall properly before sticking the strip onto it and that it won’t rip away any paint – plaster walls, for instance, aren’t good options.

Command hanging strips range up to $18.

Painting the walls

One of the best ways to brighten up a room is to give the walls a fresh lick of paint.

Renters can feel as though this is a big ask of their landlords, but there are ways to make your landlord feel more at ease about you bringing out the paint and brush.

The rule of thumb for renters is to leave the house as you found it, so if you do paint the walls (with your landlord’s permission), you can always paint them back to the original colour and Tint Paint can help.

The high-tech paint company has developed a colour reader called a Pico, which reads what colour you direct it on to. The company will send out that exact colour from their warehouse.

This means renters can read the colour of the wall prior to painting, so when they leave the rental, they can repaint the walls in the original colour.

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Pico retails for $79, which is redeemable in products.

Air conditioning

A lack of air conditioning might not seem like a big deal during winter, but come summer, all you want is some cool air flowing through your stuffy house.

If your landlord isn’t prepared to install air-conditioning within the house, there are some high-tech portable options to choose from.

DeLonghi, which is usually known as a company that makes coffee machines, has a popular portable air conditioner on the market that will keep the whole room feeling cool.

The Pinguino Silent automatically adjusts temperature and humidity, and is very quiet. It also has an A+ energy-efficiency rating so you can feel okay about your bills each month.

The Pinguino Silent retails for $649.

Planting a veggie patch

A garden at a rental usually has to be maintained by the tenant – however, ripping it up and replanting your own veggie patch is likely to give your landlord the grumbles.

High-tech solutions, like the Vegepod, mean you can still have a veggie patch that won’t disturb the pre-existing garden.

The pods are all self-watering, have a protective cover, and produce their own microclimate.

Vegepods start at $169.


Karen Herbert

Article by Karen Herbert

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