Find Your Next Cheap Rental Within 10kms Of The City

By Arrive
Wednesday, 25 September 2019

There are suburbs in each major city that may not be recognised as ‘cool’, but their affordability and close proximity to the city make them desirable.

For renters who want to buy a home one day, helping pay off someone else’s mortgage isn’t ideal.

Instead, cheap rent will help you save up for your own property one day.

There’s no need to compromise on location, the latest data reveals cheap rental ‘burbs approximately 10kms from the CBD. Most renters are looking for more affordable property close to the city, according to executive manager – rent Kul Singh.

“The number one drawcard for renting is location location location with 52% of renters saying it is the most important consideration when choosing a rental followed by 33% on price and 8% on style. These results are from a survey of 3500 renters aged between 18-39. Being close to the city comes with a lot of advantages like being close to amenities, lifestyle and schooling options,” says Singh.

Here are the suburbs with the cheapest median weekly rent price located approximately 10kms from each major Australian city.

The data is taken from the 12 months to 31 August 2019. For suburbs to meet the data requirements, each had to have 10 listings on for rental houses in that timeframe.

Mawson, ACT

70 Hurley Street is currently seeking new tenants for $480 per week, which is under the suburb median. Picture:

Mawson is 10kms south of Canberra and the median weekly rent is $510.

The majority of the suburb is made up of independent youths and there are currently 11 properties for rent in the neighbourhood.

Woodville Gardens, SA

4 Seventh Avenue is a two-bedroom rental priced at $290 per week. Picture:

Being a small city, it’s not hard to live close to Adelaide’s CBD.

However, Woodville Gardens has the cheapest weekly rent out of suburbs close to 10kms of Adelaide.

Here, the weekly rent is $320 and the majority of the population consists of independent youths.

Millner, NT

15/54 Sabine Road, Millner is a two-bedroom apartment priced at $340 per week. Picture:

Millner is located near Darwin airport and a short walk to the water’s edge.

It’s 10.1kms from Darwin’s CBD and has a medium weekly rent of $450.

Ashfield, WA

Currently on the market is this four-bedroom home priced at $400 per week. Picture:

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Ashfield is 9.1kms from Perth and has a median rent of $315 per week.

There are currently seven properties in this suburb to rent.

Ashfield, NSW

4/111 Alt Street, Ashfield is a bright and spacious apartment for $450 per week. Picture:

Another suburb of Ashfield, but this time located in New South Wales and not Western Australia, is a where you’ll find cheap rent within 10.1kms of Sydney’s CBD.

The median weekly rent here is $650 and there is a whopping 201 properties currently for rent in this area.

Maidstone, VIC

51 Churchill Avenue, Maidstone is a three-bedroom home for $480 per week. Picture:

Maidstone is 10.1kms to the west of Melbourne and offers renters a cheaper option to live close to the bustling CBD.

You will be living among independent youths who make up the majority of the demographic in the neighbourhood.

Median rent here is $450 per week.

Risdon Vale, TAS

27 Athena Drive in Risdon Vale is a dream cheap rental priced at $420 per week. Picture:

It’s no secret that renters flock to Hobart, but this can also mean rental prices are pushed up.

Risdon Vale is 10.6kms from Hobart and has a median rental price of $360 per week.

Chermside, QLD

3/485 Rode Road is an apartment in Chermside priced at $300 per week. Picture:

Chermside is within close proximity to Brisbane Airport and 10.3kms from Brisbane’s CBD.

The median rent here is $393 per week and there are currently 98 properties on the market looking for tenants.

When it comes to getting ahead of the game with renting close to the CBD, Singh provides the following advice.

“Know that you will be competing against plenty of other eager renters – 30% of renters we surveyed are rejected from more than three places they applied for with one of the biggest frustrations with securing a rental being competition.

“So be tenacious and do what you can to stand out from other potential applicants – utilise tools like 1form to complete your online renter profile once, and leverage this to apply for multiple properties you have inspected and are interested in and consider investing in services like tenant verification where you can automate tenant checks for the property manager which may help you stand out from the crowd,” he says.

Karen Herbert

Article by Karen Herbert

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