smoke alarm

After many deaths and house fires the government has decided to put in place legislation to help home owners with early detection of fires in their house.  The new legislation comes into play at three vital dates:

  1. 1st January 2017 all new houses and signifigantly renovated houses with building approvals after 1st January 2017 must comply.
  2. 1st January 2022 all sold houses and rental properties must comply
  3. 1st January 2027 all other domestic residence

What’s Required

Smoke alarms are required on each level of the house, in each bedroom and located in egress paths.  The smoke alarms must be 240V photo electric and interconnected with all other smoke alarms.  There is an exception with existing houses they can be battery operated as long as it is a photo electric smoke alarm with 10yr sealed lithium battery and still interlinked.

Are All Smoke Alarms the Same?

Glad you asked you asked, it’s the same as usual here you get what you pay for in most circumstances.  The way we look at it is that you are buying a smoke alarm that you want to last 10years (max life of any detector) so it pays to get quality over price.  We generally use Brooks smoke alarms as they have a long history in the market, quality manufacturing and support and are also widely used in Europe.

If you want to book one of our trained technicians to take a look at your alarms contact your specialist property management company in Brisbane at ARRIVE  –  1300 913 820.

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