October 3rd – 9th is Neighbourhood Watch Week. Many of our owners and tenants are parents, so this October, we thought we’d give you a little more information on this truly great cause.

NHW Week aims to raise public awareness of NHW and the benefits of belonging to a local Neighbourhood Watch group.

The aim is to increase membership of and encourage participation in Neighbourhood Watch programs throughout Australia.

NHW’s aims are:

  • To strengthen our resilience against crime
  • To work together with Police and the community
  • To feel safer in our homes and within our local communities and;
  • To make our communities better places to live

If you are interested in participating in your local Neighbourhood Watch and ensuring your kids can run around your neighbourhood safely this summer, you might be interested in NHW Connect Digital.

NHW Connect Digital

NHW Connect is a digital, community lead safety and awareness program, run by everyday people in their immediate communities. People just like you!

Neighbourhood Watch groups work together to learn how to reduce crime as well as to increase the safety, security and quality of life for everyone in your local neighbourhood.

Join NHW Connect’s online community app can allow you to:

  • Connect with your local neighbourhood groups and chat to one another
  • Feel more connected within your community
  • Prevent crime and reduce fear of crime
  • Work together for safer, connected and inclusive communities


For more information visit https://nhwa.com.au/ and  https://nhwconnect.com.au/ to join the online safety community.

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