REIQ Support For Queenslands Real Estate Industry

By Arrive
Thursday, 17 December 2020

This is REIQ’s full page advertisement in support of Queensland real estate that appeared in Saturday’s Courier Mail.

It outlines why real estate is essential for every Queenslander. It also lets the community know how real estate activities are being delivered safely.



Discover what your home is worth in today's market

Renter or Investor? Buyer or Seller?
A stable rental property is critical for everyone, particularly for the 35% of Queenslanders rent today. Queensland’s residential real estate sector is worth over $1 trillion, contributing in excess of $30 billion every year to the Queensland Government.
We need to ensure safe and secure shelter through essential property management services which support more than 380,000 landlords who supply more than 90% of those rental properties. Maintaining confidence is key to safeguarding our property market and supporting our local economy.
Inspections can be done via video conference., detailed photos or by appointment while observing social distancing and hygiene protocols. Open Homes are virtual or by private appointment in-line with social distancing rules.
Repairs and maintenance may be required to keep the premises safe, and in many cases can be completed in-line with social distancing rules. Please contact your property manager if you have any concerns. Auctions can be conducted online or over the phone.


Karen Herbert

Article by Karen Herbert

Karen is a leading authority in leasing and managing property in Brisbane. A successful entrepreneur, she previously operated her own specialist Property Management company that went on to became one of the most prominent in Brisbane. After 20 years in the industry, Karen recognised the need to s...Read more

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