When Is The Best Time To Spray For Pests At Home?

By Jeane Abril
Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Queensland, with its warm temperate climate, is the perfect breeding ground for the pests we find in and around the home.

The life-cycle of the pest increases as the warmer months arrive. This means that they breed a lot faster and is the main reason why you will notice an increase in the numbers of cockroaches, ants and spiders during the months of Spring and Summer.

The Ideal Season for Pest Treatment

You may ask, when exactly IS the best time to get your property sprayed for these pests? Many people seem to wait until they see an abundance of ants, spiders or even cockroaches around the home, most likely in Summer. Well, the ideal time to actually get the home treated is in Spring.

By spraying the home in Spring, we have an opportunity to easily destroy the nest and the colony while the pest numbers are low, and before the pest becomes an infestation. This makes for a more effective treatment.

If you have waited beyond Spring to get your house treated, not to worry as the type of chemical that the top pest control companies use should manage even the most stubborn of pest.

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How Often Should the House Be Sprayed for Pests

The second question we receive is how often the house or unit should be sprayed for pests. The answer, is once a year. An annual spray is by far the best way to keep those pests at bay. Using the analogy of servicing your car, preventative treatment is the smarter way to keep the pest numbers down.

Lastly, please ensure your chosen pest company:

  1. Uses the latest innovation in Chemical formulation – i.e. a chemical that allows the pests to take the poison back to the nest, thereby eliminating the colony over time and
  2. Sprays around 35 litres of chemical spray-mix from a Petrol driven pump with a large spray tank on the back of a UTE. A 5-litre hand sprayer for outside treatment can quite simply not deliver the amount of chemical required to effectively treat the Pest.

Craig Louw
Pest Technician, Swarm Pest Control

Karen Herbert

Article by Karen Herbert

Karen is a leading authority in leasing and managing property in Brisbane. A successful entrepreneur, she previously operated her own specialist Property Management company that went on to became one of the most prominent in Brisbane. After 20 years in the industry, Karen recognised the need to s...Read more

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