Removing Wallpaper Without Damaging Your Wall

By Arrive
Sunday, 29 April 2018

Let’s talk about a subject everybody, hates, the removal of wallpaper.

New wall coverings can transform a room, taking it from boring to beautiful. But before you can determine the best approach to removing your old wallpaper, you need to know the type of wall covering and the type of wall surface that’s underneath. The cost of removing old wallpaper depends on a number of different factors

Wallpaper removal is easy. Well, maybe it’s not really easy, but I have good news for you. Yes, stripping wallpaper is messy and it is time-consuming. You would rather do almost anything else. As a professional, my clients have often told me that if not for the wallpaper removal, they would have decorated the room themselves. It is such a deterrent.

First, KNOW that this is going to be a messy job. There is no way around that. Bits and pieces of wet paper, covered in adhesive, will end up stuck to everything that’s not covered. Fortunately, it cleans up easily with some soap and water. So prepping the work area is vitally important.

What kind of wall covering do you have?

You may be lucky and have dry strippable paper. This makes removal very simple, faster and cheaper! If you can peel a small corner of your wall covering and peel it back easily, then you have dry strippable wall coverings and removal will be fast and easy. If the wall covering doesn’t come off, or if only the top coating comes off, then you will need more invasive removal techniques

Wall covering removal techniques

Soaking and scraping it off

The surface can be soaked with warm water and wallpaper solvent and then peeled off in a similar manner.

Steaming it off

If you must remove more than one layer of wallpaper or remove wallpaper that has been painted over. And if the wallpaper was not applied to a properly sealed surface, removing it without damaging the wall can be next to impossible. For these tough jobs, a wallpaper steamer is necessary.

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Although you can use a steamer and wallpaper scraper with relative confidence on plaster walls, use caution on drywall, which is much more vulnerable to water damage and is more easily gouged.


Different types of wallpaper removal will take different lengths of time. Most professionals would charge by the hour for this type of job and should be able to quote an estimated price ahead of time-based on the size of the room and the type of paper being removed.

Wallpaper removal is a difficult area to estimate properly because so many factors that influence the successful completion of the job are unseen and can’t be observed until work is begun. For this reason, when we quote a price for wallpaper removal, the following factors are used to establish the estimated cost.

In the event of any damage caused to plaster walls during the removal of the paper, we can patch this up once we’re ready to paint and the walls are dry again. I would leave the room for 2-7 days if you have time, just to make sure the moisture is out of the wall.

If you have any questions please call us and see how we can help you on you’re next project.

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