How to Paint over a Patched Wall

By Arrive
Monday, 17 September 2018

Painting over a wall patch so it looks invisible isn’t easy—ask anyone who’s tried it.

It needs to be done carefully in order to look good.

As a property manager or landlords, we have all seen this too often:

  1. Paint ripped off when tenants are trying to remove double sided tape wall hooks
  2. Doorknob smashing hole in the wall.
  3. Cracked Walls
  4. Nail Holes

Can you repair this by just painting over the spot? Well, it depends. Will anyone ever looks at it? Sorry, but it will be painfully obvious what you did. So this depends on how critical the observer is. If I was your landlord and I saw a poorly done patch when you were moving out, I’d mutter a few obscenities under my breath, then quietly mention to you about how you just forfeited your bond unless you have it fixed.

The problem is that paint won’t match that well. The colour difference will be obvious. Plus, due to the hole in the surface, there will be small shadows that will be quite obvious, so you will need to fill in the surface so it is smooth, BEFORE painting. Anyway, if you tried to paint in just that small area with a brush, one would easily see the texture differences from painting with a brush compared to what was an original roller applied paint surface.

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However, maintaining the rich colour and smooth finish of your home’s interior doesn’t mean you have to repaint the whole room to fix the dents, dings, scratches and marks that can, over time, mar your walls’ surfaces.

By using the proper technique and the right colour, you can touch up select spots of your wall paint, and keep your walls looking flawless and freshly painted again. however, in most cases, it’s easier just to repaint the entire wall.

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