How To Choose The Perfect Artwork For Your Home

By Arrive
Thursday, 28 February 2019

The process of making art is as old as time and for centuries has held an important role in home decoration.

If you don’t know Magritte’s oldest masterpiece or care about the ominous undertones of Monet’s whimsical impressionist pieces, but still value a beautiful watercolour in your living room, we have a few handy tips to help you choose the perfect piece of art for your home!

Choosing the perfect piece of art for a room can be somewhat intimidating. It is easy to be overwhelmed with choices and it can be hard to tick all the boxes, but you’ll be glad to know there is an art piece out there (or already in your collection) for every situation – you just need to know how to amalgamate what you have and what you like into a cohesive and fluid aesthetic.

There are no strict rules when it comes to decorating a space, so why not get creative with your art pieces and seek inspiration from professional artists, photography, nature, the city or even homemade pieces.

“When sourcing a piece, you are faced with a series of questions,” says Sydney Property Styling expert and Director of Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson.

  • Where will the piece be hung?
  • What size do you need the piece?
  • How do you know if the chosen piece will suit the space?

1. Play with scale

When looking to brighten up areas like a hallway, staircase or foyer don’t be afraid to experiment with size. Consider larger pieces to create a maximum impact.

When decorating a space already containing key furniture pieces, like a sofa or a bed, create visual balance by hanging the piece half way between the piece of furniture and the ceiling.

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2. Make it your own

Your home is an inextricably personal place; so why shouldn’t your art be as well? To create a quirky sentimental feel to a space, pair a framed drawing or painting by a family member next to a professional one. Frame them in similar frames to maintain cohesion – your guests might not even be able to pick the amateur from the ‘real’!

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3. Mix and match

If you have the space, create a ‘feature wall’ of a variety of mismatched pieces. The more diversity in frames, sizes and styles the better!

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4. Be cohesive (even though I just told you not to be!)

If “controlled chaos” isn’t your cup of tea, create a high-end look by hanging painting in pairs. Try to keep some sort of consistency in frames or sticking to a consistent colour to avoid visual confusion. By grouping similar styles of art with a running theme, your collection will feel more like an at-home gallery.

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5. Add some colour

It might be the oldest trick in the book these days, but if your home takes a more minimalist aesthetic, adding a statement piece with a pop of colour can really compliment and heighten a room.

A pop of colour from a piece of art can tie in with cushions or other accessories pulling together the loose ends of your space.

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Karen Herbert

Article by Karen Herbert

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