How To Add Colour To Your Garden In The Colder Months

By Arrive
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Transform your garden from dreary to delightful, no matter what the temperature!

The winter blues are in full swing right now… its dark at 5pm and its COLD. You may be feeling a bit run down, along with your garden. However, there’s no reason to let the frosty mornings get the better of you and your garden. Brighten up your backyard (and your life) with a bit of winter colour in your garden. Below are a compilation of some great tips to spruce up your winter flora!


A great way to add some colour into you garden is to paint some outdoor items in a few different colours. A coloured path lined with multi-coloured rocks; a colourful birdhouse; rainbow terracotta pots. The ideas are endless and can suit a number of different backyards!





Adding a bee haven to your garden will not only look great, but means you are doing something amazing for the native bee population in your local area. Plant some colourful flowers and get the kids to decorate your bee’s accommodation as a fun holiday activity.





If you haven’t planted snow peas, peas or even broad beans, then winter in a great time to give them a go. They produce a spectacular display of delicate flowers which love the cooler months. Broad bean plants will flower late winter to early spring depending on your climate.



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Its an obvious solution to adding colour to your dreary garden, however not all flowers will survive the colder months. Consider planting edible flowers that are suitable for your climate and enjoy their colourful bloom and taste over winter. We love nasturtiums, lavender and marigolds. Your edibles can also act as companion flowers, which will help your food garden defend and protect against pests.





Just because they’re green doesn’t mean they won’t have a big impact on the vivaciousness of your backyard. You can grow awesome leafy greens this time of year that will bring your garden to life. Some of our favourites include Swiss chard or silverbeet, cabbage, kale and Asian greens. They all love the cooler weather and make your garden look lush and bountiful.





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