Easy Landscaping Options For Your Investment Property

By Arrive
Tuesday, 11 April 2017

If you own an investment property, it’s always good to know a few quick and easy ways to improve your asset.

Landscaping is one of the best ways to spruce up an investment property, as it will make your property look fantastic, and your tenants will be happy with their well-maintained home. Not only will your investment property look more attractive to prospective renters, but landscaping can also increase the value of your property. Here are some easy landscaping options for your investment property:

Use plants to your advantage

Does your property overlook the neighbour’s place or an unattractive, noisy road? Planting tall shrubs, trees, or hedges might be the perfect solution. Plants can be used as a way to block unpleasant views, reduce noise pollution, or enhance the privacy of a home. Even if they don’t entirely solve the problem, a protective screen of plants will improve the property’s value in the eyes of prospective tenants or buyers.

Choose plants for aesthetic appeal

Add instant aesthetic appeal to your investment property by choosing beautiful, colourful plants to brighten up your entranceways and social outdoor spaces. Fill pots and planters with vibrant flowering perennials, and plant your garden beds with species that look great but are low maintenance. Native plants are a wonderful option as they are naturally suited to your local climate, and they don’t require as much care as non-native plants. If your property is based in Perth, check out Billy Buttons, Eucalyptus trees, Brown Boronias or hibiscus.

Plant trees

Even a few trees can add value to your investment property. Tree-lined streets are attractive to buyers and tenants, as most people view them as an eco-friendly advantage. The shade of trees helps keep homes cool in summer, and a well-placed row of trees can act as a handy windbreak during winter. Trees also create a sense of harmony and peace, naturally improving the aesthetic and atmosphere of any property.

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Install solar-powered lights

Solar-powered lighting shows off your garden at night and stops people from tripping over in the dark. You can use solar-powered lights to line pathways, decorate an outdoor entertaining area, or illuminate a garden bed. They’ll make your investment property seem more warm and inviting – and since they run on solar power, they won’t increase your electricity bills!

Define the edges of your lawn

Defining the edges of your lawn will make your property’s garden look neat, tidy and well maintained. To define lawn edges, simply grab a sharp spade and cut a separation between the lawn and whatever it butts up against (driveways, fences, garden beds, etc). To go one step further, you can outline the edges of your lawn with a physical barrier such as bricks, timber or stone.
Invest in a new lawn

Any home looks fabulous with a luscious, healthy green lawn. If your investment property’s lawn is looking patchy, dry or brown, it could be time to invest in a new lawn. There are several types of turf available, so speak to an expert to find out what turf is right for your property.

Karen Herbert

Article by Karen Herbert

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