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By Arrive Admin
Friday, 14 April 2023


What You Need to Know


Minimum housing standards aim to ensure all Queensland rental properties are safe, secure and functional and provide tenants, residents, property managers and owners more clarity around the maintenance obligations for rental properties.

EFFICTIVE 1 September 2023

Minimum housing standards specify that rental properties must:

  • be weatherproof and structurally sound
  • be in good repair, with fixtures and fittings (such as electrical appliances) that are not likely to cause injury through normal use
  • have functioning locks or latches on all external doors and windows that can be reached without a ladder
  • be free from vermin, damp and mould (this does not include cases where the vermin, damp or mould has been caused by the tenant)
  • include curtains or other window coverings, which provide privacy in rooms where the tenant might reasonably expect it, such as bedrooms have adequate plumbing and drainage and be connected to hot and cold water that is suitable for drinking
  • provide privacy in bathroom areas and have flushable toilets connected to a sewer, septic tank or other waste disposal system
  • have a functioning cook-top, if a kitchen is provided
  • include the necessary fixtures for a functional laundry, such as tap fixtures and adequate plumbing, if laundry facilities are provided. The laundry does not have to include a washing machine or other white goods, as these may be provided by the tenant.


What does weatherproof and structurally sound mean?

Weatherproof means the roofing or windows must prevent water from entering the premises when it rains.

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Structurally sound means the building must be safe for the tenant to live in; the walls, ceiling and roof must be in good condition. They must not be likely to collapse or be affected by significant dampness. Decks and stairs must also be safe and not affected by rot or defects.


What security is required to meet the minimum housing standards?

To meet minimum housing standards, all external windows and doors at a property will need to have functioning locks or latches to secure the premises against unauthorised entry. This applies only to windows and doors a person outside the premises or room (for rooming accommodation) could access without a ladder.

Each property should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The main focus should be on ensuring the rental property is secure and that reasonable measures have been taken to meet safety and security requirements under the legislation.

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Article by Karen Herbert

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