Morayfield – half way to the Sunshine Coast (a 1 hour drive from Wishart H.O.)

Shame & Pam Kelly - Luxury Property Owners in Morayfield

A big welcome to Shame and Pam Kelly from Narrabri NSW, who were referred to ARRIVE to manage their property in Morayfield, a 60-minute drive from Wishart HO. Rented for listed rental price within 7 days!

‘We would follow the ARRIVE team anywhere, regardless of where our property was located.  We tried other local agents and they just didn’t do what they said they would do. We were a little skeptical at first about the distance, but Arrive proved that location no longer has any bearing.  They rented our property within 7 days at a higher rent than the other agents had previously gotten us’.  A big thanks to Karen and her team.

Long gone are the days where tenants walk into an Agency and ask for a Rental List, nor do they pay rent by cash and we continue to prove this time and time again for our owners.

At ARRIVE, we promote your home on the most prominent international and local accommodation websites. Our sophisticated contact management software enables us to effectively communicate with current and prospective residents looking for unique accommodation, either locally or overseas.

So, when it comes to showcasing a property,  we will transport your home beyond geographical boundaries.

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