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Too many Landlords believe that they are saving money by attending to maintenance themselves, however, often the “quick fix” is not always the best solution nor outcome for both Tenant, Lessor and Agent.

Public Liability issues can come about if the repair is not performed correctly or worse, someone gets injured by the inexperienced repair.

In most cases now, it is against the law to carry out Electrical or Plumbing issues, unless you are a qualified contractor.

Utilising a managing agents list of preferred contractors, has many benefits.

Advantage of Letting Your Property Manager Handle Maintenance

In most cases their Contractors are:

  • Licenced
  • Insured
  • Competitively priced
  • Reliable
  • Have completed a Contractors Agreement prior to attending your property, which indemnifies both you, the Lessor and us the Agent of any liability, in the event that a mistake is made

Many expert Property Managers have educated their contractors in;

  • how to present their time and labour onto an invoice
  • How to liaise with a Tenant to arrange easy access
  • Prepared to collect keys from the office if the tenant cannot be at home
  • Call the office is the suspected cost will be more than $150
  • Provide photos if issues if required
  • Recommend replacement over repairing if warranted
  • Will return to fix for free is the problem repaired reoccurs
  • Are the eyes and ears in so far as the state of the maintenance?
  • Report back to the office with anything untoward with the Tenancy.

For peace of mind and a small investment, it is recommended utilising qualified tradespeople to maintain your investment property and in most cases, these are a tax deduction.

For more information on property maintenance, contact Karen on Arrive.

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