“It’s Showtime!”

It’s time to showcase your beautiful home. We know your home is precious to you; this is why we treat it like our own as we embark upon our styling journey together. Our ARRIVE styling service will ensure getting ready for your residents easy and stress-free. Our professional stylists are experts in getting homes ‘resident-ready’ and will ensure you attract the most suitable residents for your property.

How does it work?

ARRIVE’s styling team work with you and the existing furniture in your home. We will then select individual pieces out of our amazing styling register that will compliment and elevate the feel of your home. Our selection pieces can include (but are not limited to!): artwork, throw rugs, cushions, dining sets, linen, flowers and much much more!

It is our aim to bring out the heart and beauty of your home, without erasing what makes it unique and special.

And what’s more…. Our Arrive in Style services are inclusive of sale properties!

Still not convinced?

Bindaree Street – November 2018

This vacant two bedroom townhouse in the heart of Greenslopes was staged by the ARRIVE styling team.

The stats

  • 16 groups attended the first open home
  • Multiple offers
  • Sold above asking price

Fair Street – November 2018

This modest three bedroom brick home in the leafy streets of Mansfield was styled by our ARRIVE styling team.

The stats

  • Achieved a record turn out at the first open home
  • Received calls from multiple buyers asking to purchase the furniture and styling props showcased in the open home
  • Sold on the first open
  • $30,000 over listing price!

Kempsie Street – January 2019

This four bedroom double story home in Upper Mount Gravatt had great bones and was vamped up by our ARRIVE styling team.

The stats

  • Sold on the first offer at the first open
  • $900,000
  • Saving the seller thousands in bridging finance!

Take a look below at the results..

Contact Karen Herbert from the ARRIVE styling team to see how you too can be showcased!


Some thoughts from Donna Smith – Expert ARRIVE stylist

I can find beauty everywhere – it could be in a group of flowering plants or from the way the sky can change the colour of the ocean and beach, to the amazing tones in a rainforest. Nature usually provides my inspiration.  It all seems to come so naturally to me”, says Donna Smith, our talented home and garden stylist.”

Donna has been responsible for some of the most inspiring styling projects in Brisbane and most of her amazing homes seem to find their way to the media.

“I love to take a home or living space up to its maximum level of beauty”, reflects Donna. “It’s wonderful to walk into a room and have ideas for the way that space can be transformed literally just pop into my mind!

Then I get started and love every minute of the transformation. I get so excited when the owners come to me and are so overwhelmed and happy – they cannot believe what has happened to their space. This is why I love my job so much!”

“There are, however,  things that can stop people moving forward – particularly, if they try  to tackle it all on their own,” advises Donna. “Sometimes, when people are in their place constantly, they can have ‘mind-blocks’ on how to finish something they’ve started or even about how to commence a re-styling. This is where it is so good for them to take a step backwards, and let someone come in with a fresh approach. I love taking all the blocks away for our clients; it also takes the stress away for them – at the same time, I am able to reveal the wonderful potential that their home has – what a joy, I have to say!” remarks Donna.