It can take a while to truly settle in to a new home, especially when the walls are bare, and the bedrooms are empty. This is a feeling that is particularly hard to shake if you have just moved in to a new rental property because you will have to ask permission to hang even a picture. There are a few ways you can make an empty house feel like home without painting or redecorating, and none of them will take up too much time.

Put a collection on display

Whether you collect stamps, coins or letters – or just love displaying your holiday snaps – get down to Spotlight or your local 2-dollar Store and get creative with frames, bookshelves, coffee tables to display your collection of treasures.

A collection of pictures

Introduce indoor plants

Indoor houseplants can inject life and colour into any room of your new home. Pick up a large, medium and small plant variety from your local nursery. Palms, peace lilies and crotons are all durable indoor pant options.Indoor plants

DIY Birthday Display

A great way to put a personal touch in your home is to frame the birth date of each of your family members, and display them in a collection on a mantelpiece or hang them if you have permission. This can be a fun activity for the kids to choose the font for their number and print and cut them out. Pick up mismatched frames from Kmart for a truly personal feel.

Pink number 18 on a white frame

Utilise soft furnishings

Cushions, rugs, throws and decorative items arranged upon an armchair, sofa, coffee table or mantelpiece are the perfect way to put your personality on display and cosy up a space without mounting things to walls or redecorating. Don’t forget that small changes, like replacing vertical blinds with long linen curtains, can also make a space feel considerably more ‘homey’.

Utilising soft furnishings

Create a reading nook

Reading nook, gaming nook, writing nook, art nook, whatever your favourite past-time is, ensure you’ve dedicated a little corner to it. Set yourself up with some soft seating, cosy blankets (or a fan, in summer) and all the tools of the trade you might need on a little side table in a part of the house that is perfect for tackling your hobby.

Reading nook Arrive style


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