5 Easy Organisation Hacks For Your Home

1.  Hang pot lids on the inside of your cabinet door using two Command Hooks, so you can stack pots and pans and easily grab their lids.

2. Set up a corner tray so excess water drains away from your soap, sponges, and scrub brush, instead of just puddling up on your kitchen counter.

Cabinet with pots and pans and lids hung on the door

Sink with washing materials on the edge

3. Grab an empty shoebox to corral all your socks, tights, or underwear. Bonus points for folding and stacking them Marie Kondo–style so you can see every pair clearly.

4. Or if you’re a little lazy and don’t want to do all that folding, revamp your underwear drawer with some divided organisers. All you have to do is quickly stuff your bras, underwear, and socks into their respective slots and everything will look nice and neat with almost no effort.

Clothes drawer with folded underwear in shoebox

Underwear organiser with folded underwear

5. Loop all of your favourite scarves over the bottom rung of a “suit” hanger, so you can easily see them all at a glance and they don’t get wrinkled.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/nataliebrown/ways-get-organized-10-minutes-less

Scarves tied on a clothes hanger by the door

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