Millennial pink is the new black and it is here to stay! But this year millennial pink has matured with the help of natural materials & colours and lavish textiles!

Rustic Refined Romance is Romanticism’s 21st century lovechild. With its warm feminine palette of darker tinged blush and rose, and a hint of brassy accents, Rustic Refined Romance is the perfect blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the urbane.

All image credit goes to Brigid Arnott and John Mangila from homebeautiful.com.au

bedroom with pink accentliving room with pink accent




















Use marble and brass to break up the pink and create an irresistible fusion of the masculine and feminine

pink marble and brass



The great thing about this interior style, is that you don’t have to undergo a complete home makeover. With just a few new accessories, you can transform your home and keep your base furniture. Take a look at our affordable picks for you!

Hamilton 2 Seater Sofa

gray sofa

Price: $799.00

Buy here: https://www.pillowtalk.com.au/pillowtalk/en/Categories/Coastal-Calm/Hamilton-2-Seater-Sofa/p/MUSLHAMILT18A

Juliette Dusty Pink Quilted Cover Set

bedroom with pink blanket

Price: Now $69.97 – $109.97

Buy here: https://www.pillowtalk.com.au/pillowtalk/en/Categories/Bedroom/Quilt-Covers-and-Accessories/Juliette-Dusty-Pink-Quilted-Cover-Set/p/MUSBJULIE18D


Hug Me Mug Pink Set of 4

mug with paint design

Price: $49.95

Buy here: https://www.pillowtalk.com.au/pillowtalk/en/Categories/Living/Kitchenware/Hug-Me-Mug-Pink-Set-of-4-/p/ROBLHUGME18A


Timeless Drinks Trolley

Timeless Drinks Trolley

Price: $45.00

Buy here: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/timeless-drinks-trolley/2335315


Lilac Velvet Bench

Lilac Velvet Bench

Price: $49.00

Buy here: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/lilac-velvet-bench/2335310


Bunch of Peonies – Assorted

Bunch of Peonies - Assorted

Price: $5.00

Buy here: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/bunch-of-peonies—assorted*/1932862


Brass Look Floor LampBrass Look Floor Lamp

Price: $39.00

Buy here: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/brass-look-floor-lamp/2409308


Whistler Foot Stool

Whistler Foot Stool

Price: $89.95

Buy here: https://www.pillowtalk.com.au/pillowtalk/en/Categories/Living/Furniture/Whistler-Foot-Stool/p/MUSLWHIST17


Hampshire Faux Fur Rug

Hampshire Faux Fur Rug

Price: $59.00

Buy here: https://www.pillowtalk.com.au/pillowtalk/en/Categories/Living/Throws/Hampshire-Faux-Fur-Rug/p/MUSLHAMPS17