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Protecting Your Investment and Your Income

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If there is one thing an investment property owner doesn’t want to happen, it is to lose money on an investment. The intention of an investment property is always to increase income and wealth; however, sometimes things can go wrong and what starts out to be a dream of building a strong financial future becomes…Read More→


How To Spot A Property Shark

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Firstly, you must know that the ‘Property Investment Advice’ industry is not regulated. It seems crazy that anybody can give you so called advice on investing in property without having any qualifications, a regulatory framework to adhere to or even experience for that matter. There is also no accountability for poor advice which has led…Read More→

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Rentvesting: The Secret to Getting into the Property Market

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A long-term renter and happy about it.  Have you discovered the secret investing back door – Rentvesting? There’s nothing more frustrating than to build a dream of owning your own home, get excited when you find a property you fell in love with, only to have your finance specialist utter those heartbreaking words – ‘You…Read More→