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New Year Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

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Monthly Inspect, and possibly change out home vacuum filters. Many experts will say to change the filters monthly, but that’s not always necessary. For smaller families without pets or allergies, you’ll likely be okay changing the filters every 2-3 months. If the filter is dirty, change it out, otherwise inspect it again next month. Clean kitchen…Read More→

Is your pool looking more green than clean?

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Living in Queensland, we have a number of tenants lucky enough to have a pool on their property. With the storm season in full swing, there can be a range of issues that can occur to the cleanliness, chlorine and PH levels. As a tenant, you are responsible for looking after the property and keeping…Read More→


White smoke alarm device

As a Landlord, it is vital to remain well-informed of the changes in smoke alarm legislation. Regular alarm maintenance can save a tenant’s life, and your own investment at the same time. Smoke alarm maintenance is governed by both State and Federal legislation and any person who does not comply with the relevant legislation is…Read More→