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The Best Type of House in Rain-Heavy Areas in Australia

The impact of heavy rains and its subsequent flooding can be devastating to human life and property. With climate change, flood disasters have now become common more than ever. This is why it is wise to factor in the location and the type of house when buying. But what if the location where your house…Read More→

Spraying Cockroaches in Preparation for the Summer Season

Australians love summer! It’s the perfect weather to go out and enjoy the sun and surf. But for homeowners, summer is a dreaded time of the year because this is when cockroaches are thriving and are most active. These pests are around all-year around, but they are most visible during the warmer months that they…Read More→

Lawn Maintenance during a Storm: Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities

Lawn Mower

There are many benefits to keeping your lawn well-maintained all year round, such as adding beauty to your home, reducing heat in your home and providing a play and relaxation area for children and families. But even during the rainy season lawn care is essential. If you could believe it, lawn still needs to be…Read More→