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Sustainable House Day – 16th September 2018

People gathering on sustainable house day

In a world full of plastic, carbon offsets, smog, melting ice and the degradation of our reefs, the need for us to make proactive action in combatting the negative trail we leave on our environment is becoming more and more urgent. At Arrive, we would love for all our tenants and owners to be educated…Read More→


Two women supporting each other

In our current climate, you will be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been touched, or doesn’t know someone who has, by mental illness. It affects people of all ages, demographics, genders, nationalities and cultures. It has no barriers and is a silent killer. We live in a world of amazing modern medicine that…Read More→

Can I Charge My Tenant For Water?

image of flowing water

Are you able to pass on the full cost of water consumption to your tenant? The simplest way is to have a qualified plumber attend the property to inspect and issue a Water Efficiency Certificate. The Master Plumbers Association of QLD has developed a specific Water Efficiency Certificate QLD and it’s the responsibility of the…Read More→