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7 Important Questions to Ask a Prospective Tenant

After receiving applications from prospective tenants and reviewing their information, you should consider conducting an informal interview with the applicants on your shortlist. You can do this either by phone or in person when they go for the walk-through. Holding an interview is an important step in the screening process because you get to ask…Read More→

Upgrades That Will Make Your Rental Property More Profitable

Cozy KItchen

Keeping your rental property well-maintained ensures your tenants are happy, and your property gets rarely vacated. But in order to create a more positive cash flow for your investment, and even increase the market value of your property, considering property upgrades can boost your rental profit. The mention of spending for upgrades or renovation expenses…Read More→

Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure During The Christmas Holiday

house front door with Christmas wreath

It doesn’t just happen in the movies (remember the Christmas movie, “Home Alone”?). Burglars getting busy during the holiday season is true and it can happen to you. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to ransack homes, especially those whose owners are away on holiday. But this shouldn’t stop you and your family from taking…Read More→