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How to Get Rid of Moulds

Moulds are fungi that can be found everywhere in nature, both indoors and outdoors.  You will generally see them where it is warm, moist and humid. But moulds are resilient. They can thrive even in dry conditions and other harsh environmental conditions that don’t normally support their growth. Moulds reproduce by producing spores. When spread…Read More→

State Government Taxes Putting Pressure on Property Affordability in Queensland

Queensland residential real estate affordability is under threat as the Government’s stamp duty cash grab increased by $273 million from FY2016 to FY2017, ABS data for the financial year 2017 has revealed. Queensland State Government coffers have received a plumped up injection of $3.278 billion in stamp duty on conveyances in FY2017, compared with $3.005…Read More→


Rental Vacancy Rates Improve Across Queensland

The March quarter vacancy rate data reveals generally improving rental markets across Queensland, according to REIQ’s Q1 2018 Vacancy Rate report, released today. Regional Queensland, in particular, has delivered good results in the wake of a two or three bleak years. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said the regional vacancies improvements this quarter followed, broadly speaking,…Read More→